New Plugin, PlayDFAM, Integrates Moog DFAM With Your DAW

Artificial Audio has introduced PlayDFAM, a plugin for Mac & Windows that makes it easy to integrate your Moog DFAM with your DAW.

With PlayDFAM, you can run the DFAM in sync with your DAW, modify the clock speed, use different sequencing directions and even sequence specific steps.


  • CLOCK MODE – You can choose speeds from 1/4 to 1/32 and let DFAM play in many directions: forward, backward, loop or random. Every time you restart your DAW, DFAM starts in the right place.
  • CLOCK LATENCY COMPENSATION – To compensate for any latencies in your hardware devices, you can advance or delay the clock.
  • MIDI MODE – In MIDI mode, a MIDI key is assigned to each of the 8 DFAM sequencer steps. You can then play or sequence the DFAM using these MIDI notes.
  • MIDI ARPEGGIO MODE – This mode is like the Clock & Hold mode, but no steps are played at all until you press at least one MIDI key.
  • CLOCK & HOLD MODE – While the sequencer is running, you can hold individual steps via MIDI keys. If you press several Midi keys at the same time, DFAM plays them as a new sequence.

Pricing and Availability:

PlayDFAM is available now for $59 USD. A limited free version is also available.

10 thoughts on “New Plugin, PlayDFAM, Integrates Moog DFAM With Your DAW

  1. How is it possible to make the DFAM run Backward, when all you have connected is a trig input? AFAIK the sequencer can only advance to the next step for each trig pulse detected here. What kind of electronical wizardry are they using to enforce such behavior?

    1. There are already a few hardware devices out there, that do similar things. DFAM Thing and MAFD. I remember there was a video where they talked about how it’s done. Something with very fast triggers? Can’t recall already, but saw it on youtube. Super happy, that someone did a software version.

  2. A company called Sonoclast created a version of this ability in hardware. When I had a DFAM I bought their eurorack module that did this and it worked great. Also check out The Mathnaeum’s “DFAM thing”.

    A plug in like this though – makes me want to rebuy the DFAM. Looks much more simple and especially would work well in a hybrid setup.

  3. Anyone tried this on Windows? I get a severe Trojan threat detection in Windows Defender as soon as I extract the installer from the compressed download!!

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