myVolts Intros Alchemist USB Power Hubs For Musicians

myVolts – an Irish company that specializes in power solutions for electronic musicians – has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of The Alchemist and The Silent Alchemist, a pair of USB power hubs for musicians and other mobile creative professionals.

  • The Alchemist is designed to turn any power source into a fast-charging USB hub. It has 4 Outputs, 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports, all of which can give out any flavor of USB power. It can also be used with myVolts’ Ripcord and Step-Up adapters to output the particular voltage for your device.
  • The Silent Alchemist goes a step further with multi-voltage isolated USB ports, to provide clean power for low-noise playing and recording. It also features a 24V DC output for Daisy-chain-ability. It receives both USB-C and DC power as input.

Both can be powered from mobile powerbanks, so you can use them as a complete mobile power solution.


  • Flexible input powering options: Power hub from either USB-C or DC.
  • Anything in DC: Internal Voltage Boost Circuit Input allows input voltages of 9V. DC to 24V DC, any polarity. Even power the hub from an old laptop power supply.
  • Full output voltage range: No voltage blindspots, USB-C outputs from 5V to 20V, regardless of input.
  • No reboots: On-board chip manager for each port ensures no reboots when new devices are added.
  • Chainable: Daisy-chain units together to expand number of available ports
  • 24V DC output: 1 x 24V DC output port, to power Strymon Ojay and other isolated pedal power boxes.
  • Intuitive lighting system: USB-C output ports change to green when PD/QCprotocols engaged.
  • Flexible output options: Each USB port delivers PD-Equipped USB output. Change to specific DC voltages with barrel with Step-Up USB-C to DC Powertips.
  • Chain devices: High power to allow stable chaining of multiple devices from single USB port with Crazy Chain Mk2.
  • Isolated outputs: 7 isolated ports for noise-free operation [Silent Alchemist only].
  • High power per isolated outputs: 20W per isolated port (usually 500mA for other isolated power supplies) [Silent Alchemist only].
  • Macbook / Laptop charging: One 100W high-power port, charges even MacbookPro. [Silent Alchemist only].

Pricing and Availability:

Production of The Alchemist and The Silent Alchemist is being funded via a Kickstarter project, which is already halfway to its funding goal. Prices start at 199 EUR for the Alchemist Starter Kit. The products have been designed and developed, manufacturing will start during the campaign and product will ship to backers Oct 2024.

Note: Crowdfunding projects can involve risk. See the project site for details .

11 thoughts on “myVolts Intros Alchemist USB Power Hubs For Musicians

  1. This thing looks so awesome, but the price is tough to swallow. $400+ just for the Silent Alchemist and 3 tips won’t even give me enough stuff to power up all the stuff on my pedalboard, so I’ll have to add more tips. The package I really need is about $800! For power! I’m sure Trent Reznor will love these, but that’s really out of reach for just about everyone else.

    1. I think this is a really interesting product, but yeah, the price is steep for the Silent Alchemist.

      Is this really such a niche product that it can’t mass produced?

        1. The last thing I would trust them with is power.

          Imagine investing a lot in something, setting a price you consider fair and then seeing someone else mass-produce it and offer it for less. However, those who opt for Behringer’s cheap copies are not the creative type, so your originality remains safe.

          1. I don’t buy Behringer and their blatant stealing of designs is shitty. But calling their buyers uncreative is a bit dramatic, init? You don’t buy creativity with your devices or the price tag, I’d say. No offense ??

  2. I was in shut-up-and-take-my-money mode until I saw the prices. It may very well be worth that much, but there’s no way I’d buy this product at that price point.

  3. I remember the old MyVolts products which caused unacceptable power line noise when connected to any USB powered music box I tried it with. Guessing this “Silent Alchemist” finally solved MyVolts’ noise problems? But at what a cost!

    No offense but I’m, sure there are more affordable options out there even without the noise

    1. USB ground loop noise is not a MyVolts specific problem

      If you didn’t specifically buy a product to isolate ground loop noise well then that would be your problem and not theirs

    2. I had the same experience as you. Their Mickxler or how it’s called muffles and lowers the volumes, built quality was subpar and overall: A Kickstarter for a USB hub? There are plenty of proper options and my guess is, you won’t get any ground loops anyhow, when all devices are connected to the same box and this box to the same outlet, as your other devices (this one is for free, saved you $$$ for ground loop isolators an DI box crap).

  4. I use pedal board power, they are very high quality, low noise and isolated but not powerful enough for allot of synths/drum machines. This may solve this issue.

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