Expressive E Osmose In-Depth Review

The latest video from Integraudio takes an in-depth look at the Expressive E Osmose synthesizer.

The Expressive E Osmose is a unique synthesizer that combines the powerful modular synth engine Eagan Matrix with a new expressive keyboard design. The Osmose give you continuous timbrel and volume control over each note you play, and you cn also add vibrato and pitch bends by moving your finger left and right.

The review covers the features of the Expressive E Osmose, lots of sonice demos and some of the pros and cons of the instrument.

Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

Topics covered:

Intro (0:00)
Differentiation from Other MPEs (:48)
Sound Demo (2:00)
Video Overview (2:29)
Sound Demo (3:00)
Design (3:19)
Multi-Dimensional Keys (3:34)
Sound Overview (4:06)
Synth Engine Overview (5:08)
Ext MIDI Mode Overview (5:49)
Sound Demo 2 (6:30)
Construction (6:43)
Buttons and Encoders (7:09)
Fader Controls (7:44)
Screen Controls (8:25)
Rear Panel (9:17)
Front Panel (9:47)
Key Design (10:05)
Aftertouch Demo (11:09)
Polyphonic Pressure Control Demo (11:39)
Aftertouch Travel (12:00)
Left and Right Control Demo (12:49)
Playability (13:42)
Macros (14:39)
Sound Demo 3 (15:16)
Sound Demo 4 (15:59)
Sound Demo 5 (16:19)
Pros (17:00)
Cons (20:00)
Patch Playthrough 1 (21:25)
Patch Playthrough 2 (22:05)
Patch Playthrough 3 (22:42)
Patch Playthrough 4 (23:15)
Conclusion (23:35)

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