Berlin School Synth Jam On Moon Modular System

This video, via The cosmic electronics music department, captures a rare live performance by the late Gert Jalass, former head of German synth maker Moon Modular.

The performance was recorded at Ambient Waves Festival 2020.

Moon Modular is known for making modern modules in Moog format. Jalass’s performance gives you a sense of his inspirations.

Jalass died unexpectedly ahead of this year’s Superbooth 2024.

2 thoughts on “Berlin School Synth Jam On Moon Modular System

  1. Man, that’s the way to do it. What a beautiful piece, especially with some classic Mellotron included. It sharpens the loss of Gert to hear it, but its also uplifting. It makes perfect sense that a guy who could build such great synths would also know how to play them well. Its a sad moment, but also a great legacy.

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