Behringer Model 15 vs Moog Grandmother Head-To-Head Comparison

In his latest video, synthesist Starsky Carr offers a head-to-head comparison of the Moog Grandmother and the Behringer Model 15, a Euro-format knockoff.

Carr offers an overview of the two synths, a wide range of audio demos, and finally his take on how they compare. Carr’s bottom line is that the Model 15 does a pretty good job of copying the sound generating circuitry of the Grandmother, but the Behringer Model 15 doesn’t offer as nice of an experience as the Grandmother, because it’s not an all-in-one instrument and the controls aren’t laid out as nicely.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on how they compare in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Behringer Model 15 vs Moog Grandmother Head-To-Head Comparison

  1. This only validates what a great instrument the Grandmother is.

    Behringer copies the circuits, but they ALWAYS compromise, and you can see it in their copies, but not in the originals.

    That said, the Model 15 looks like it could be a decent addition to the rack, if you want a Euro synth voice. Does this offer anything the Neutron can’t do?

  2. If the Behringer were to sound better to me than the Moog (it doesn’t), I still wouldn’t consider the Behringer due to the far more appealing user experience of the Grandmother. Price and sound don’t matter if I can’t connect with a synthesizer. There is no sound in the world worth getting if the instrument is designed poorly.

  3. Good points from Starsky Carr.

    I also agree on that the sound is very close, but the interface which you interact with is more convenient on Grandmother due to the bulky size…

  4. I don’t mind watching a tribute band (e.g. all the Grateful Dead cover bands out there). But, if I have the chance, I will always go to see the real band instead of the tribute band regardless how good the tribute band is. Likewise, some of the Behringers might be not bad, but they will never be the original.

  5. Hearing, your friends will never tell the difference
    But you will know that you spent $700 more.
    Yep, the moog is a proper instrument.
    While the behringer is a module. With a cheaper construction.

  6. Starsky Carr’s comparison of the Moog Grandmother and Model 15 is decisive. His Grandmother has had several problem circuits that had to be replaced in the past, and during the demo, he found two more problems that had to be fixed. As he says, many Grandmothers have had various problems that required repair. The Model 15 doesn’t sound exactly like it, but close enough. If I wanted that sound, I would avoid the quality issues of the Grandmother and get the cheaper Model 15.

      1. And Moog’s support history has proven to be excellent, whereas Behringer’s support and warranty terms is known to be awful.

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