Reason 13 Now Available – Here’s What’s New

Reason Studios has released Reason 13, a major upgrade to the virtual studio for Mac & Windows.

Reason 13 offers an upgraded sequencer, a brand-new browser, five new devices, and more sounds.

Here’s what’s new in Reason 13:

  • Reason’s sequencer and interface have been redesigned for a faster workflow and navigation. From the new Edit Area to improved zooming and workflow features, making music in Reason is now faster than ever.
  • All patches, samples, and loops are now found in one place—the new Browser. Categories and tags make it quick to explore over 20 years of sound design along and over 1000 new patches, samples, and loops.
  • Reason 13 also comes with five new Rack devices.
    • Polytone Dual-Layer Synthesizer is a new synth inspired by the immediacy of hardware classics but with a Reason twist. Great for thick analog sounds and instantly playable patches.
    • Ripley Space Delay combines a delay and reverb with unique sound shaping and deep modulation —it’s a delay with character.
    • Finally, the three new Tool devices make common tasks in the Rack easier than ever: sidechaining, stereo widening, and gain staging and panning.

“We are thrilled to introduce Reason 13 to the world,” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager at Reason Studios. “Our goal with this upgrade was to improve Reason’s unique music making workflow. Whether it’s your main DAW or go-to plugin, Reason 13 adds a ton of features—all designed to get you to your sound faster.”

Pricing and Availability:

Reason is available now for $499 or via a $19.99/month subscription.

25 thoughts on “Reason 13 Now Available – Here’s What’s New

    1. went back to reason to get some old projects complete or sample them
      I paid 199 for the year so I have a year to do so.

      reason 13 is def a step in the right direction. I much prefer reason as a plugin into ableton but the cleaner they can make the user interface for their full daw and reason plugin the better.

      Ableton is king at utilizing the computer space. but reason devices are sounding very good. I don’t use plugins but Id be down with reason as my one plugin.

  1. Wish Reason made an IOS implementation that was similar to the old desktop DAW!

    For now, its AUM or Drambo for the IOS win!

  2. Given that (a) Reason users have been clamoring for a sequencer view/edit redesign for years, and (b) the sheer scope of a redesign of this magnitude had to have been a massive undertaking, $200 for the upgeade seems “reasonable” to me. That said, I’ll need to hold off a month because funds are thin and it will give them time to shake out any lingering issues in the code.

    1. I’ve tried the beta and I have to disagree. I dont believe the scope is worthy of a $200 upgrade. I do think that their mission isnt to gain any new users but to do enough to get those upgrade cost. New module here, improved zooming there, a few buttons on the surface and not hidden anymore. Done. I think once you try out the “NEW” sequencer you’ll realize that its the same sequencer. I did.

      1. Maybe that is exactly the point.

        A new sequencer view that works and feels like the previous one so that old school users don’t complain.

        1. The art of misreading a comment mastered! 🙂
          They know their market pretty well, and it’s quite mature by now.
          New users don’t come in droves since 10 years, so a more viable “mission” is to keep their existing user base interested enough to keep paying.
          A lot of very profitable SW companies have moved to subscription models – so,
          no alternative economics needed, you can use that torch for reading WSJ.

  3. So they dumped the floating eyesore panels, the UI still looks pretty much the same as ever. A split window is not a massive upgrade. Still no ARA or MPE support. Still no Multitimbral VST support. Still no VST MIDI out. This ‘upgrade’ seems to chase the other daws browsers, etc and not the features users are begging for, certainly not at that price.

    1. Funny – cause it was in a movie. I have seen that movie and your use of the joke from the movie reminds me that I’ve seen the movie. Then I like you more because you saw the same movie I did. You also remembered the movie well enough to make it as a comment on a webpage – the same webpage I visited. Wow – it’s like destiny.

  4. Upgrade fee is always too little for the employee but too much for users.
    I love the Reason but Reason is not reasonable anymore.

  5. its been a long long long time since i used Reason… (like almost 20 years)

    but my main problem is that even with the different synths and instruments, everything had a very similar “sound” and texture to it… like it was very noticeable that all sounds and parts were coming from the same thing, even if it was samples vs synths, etc

    maybe thats different now, i dunno

    ultimately i didnt like how the whole environment was so self-contained

    personally id much rather play around with some kind of “all-in-one” hardware groovebox

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