GR-Mega Granular Workstation In-Depth Demo

Tasty Chips shared this video demo of their GR-MEGA Granular Workstation – a granular hardware synthesizer, sampler, effect, sequencer, and spectral time stretcher.

They describe it as “a sound design powerhouse, our top model, and the culmination of the journey we started 8 years ago with the GR-1: the world’s first real granular hardware synth.”

The GR-MEGA is a sample-based device. Record audio with the built-in inputs, and then you can granulate your source samples.

The GR-MEGA is 4 layer multitimbral, and massively polyphonic, and has a wide choice of engines ranging from a traditional sampler with slicing, to a spectral phase vocoder and granular. It’s capable of 128 grains per voice, which can add up to a total of 5000 grains simultaneously.

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro
01:54 Table of content
02:06 Overview
09:47 Connectivity
10:33 Granular
16:43 Granular slice
20:12 Sampler
23:38 Tape
27:34 Spectral
29:38 Multitimbral
34:06 Live sampling
36:10 Saving/loading
36:49 Availability
37:35 Preset demos

Audio Demos:

See the Tasty Chips site for details.

One thought on “GR-Mega Granular Workstation In-Depth Demo

  1. what i like best is they have all those light up buttons and they’re ALL THE SAME COLOR. i would buy this is if i had space, or an interest in granular synthesis. nice work!

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