Moog Labyrinth Tweak-A-Thon

Synthesist Jan Juno shared this extended tweak-a-thon of the still-to-be-officially released Moog Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is an all-in-one sequencer and synthesizer, in Moog’s Mother-32 style standalone/Eurorack synth format.

Moog says that they will be officially introducing the Labyrinth on July 11th:

“We are excited to announce that Labyrinth will be bringing its fresh take on the classic West Coast sound to the world on July 11th. We can’t wait to show you what our newest creation is capable of, which is why we’ve collaborated with incredible artists and creators to create product demos and showcases.

In the meantime, though, Juno’s unofficial demo offers a more musical exploration of the Labyrinth’s capabilities than previous videos that we’ve seen. The video starts off exploring more ambient textures, and the sound design options of the Labyrinth’s synth voice. The second half explores more of the sequencer’s capabilities, going from simple sequencing to automatically evolving sequencer to more of a techno vibe. Juno even tries out the polymetric capability of the Labyrinth’s dual sequencer channels.

Does this video do a better job of exploring the creative possibilities of the Moog Labyrinth? Check it out, and share your thoughts in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Moog Labyrinth Tweak-A-Thon

    1. They have a product in this line called “Edge.” I think it goes without saying they need a product in this line called “Lord.”

  1. Does this video do a better job of exploring the creative possibilities of the Moog Labyrinth?

    Indeed it does. However it seems to me, that this kind of ‘electronic instrument’ is more like an ‘electronic device’ suited for engineers that want or think that they are musicians rather than targeted for more ‘conventional’ music artists.

    1. why are you on synthtopia then having problems with a moog synth that one tweaks, plug in a keyboard if you have a problem. I bet this would quantize the sequence to midi and be sick even lol, theres always someone mad as hell about this synth on here. Or dont bother and get another product whatever, you can literally get a model d from behringer and a reverb plug or rack and not be mad about moog designing a different synth engine that you dont like. Im mad surprised that every time this synth gets posted on synthtopia theres someone MAD AT IT. IT KIND OF SEEMS RAD. If you use your brain you can make it less of a synth with two sequencers and more of a single moog voice, whatever.

    2. “engineers that want or think that they are musicians”
      Down this line of thinking then about any synth you could say “This is no piano, it’s a synth device suited for hobbiest that think they are musicians”.
      Also without these “engineers” people you would not have presets/samples that do 50+% of your “””art””” which I’d curious to listen to btw.
      An artist makes something out of anything and art is not defined by your standards.

    3. That is pretty old fashioned thinking. There are all kinds of musicians in the world. Brian Eno isn’t some great piano player but who can argue his influence on electronic music?

    4. So called West Coast Synthesis has always been more about sonic exploration and experimentation than “let’s slap a keyboard on this puppy and play some Bach.”

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