New Overlays For The Polyend Tracker Mini Support V2 Firmware Features lets us know that they’ve released a series of overlays for the Polyend Tracker Mini that support the features in the new 2.0 version firmware.

Here’s what they have to say about them:

“The Tracker Mini is well known as a compact and powerful DAW. Unfortunately, its interface can sometimes be a challenge to navigate due to its numerous shift functions and control combinations. Oversynth’s new overlays are designed to improve usability, with numerous shortcuts listed right on the front panel for easy reference.”

The overlays put ‘cheat-sheet’ notes for button and knob combinations right on the front panel:

  • Shift functions are color coded and listed near the corresponding buttons as much as possible
  • Pattern Mode, Song Mode, and Perform Mode shortcuts are indicated with color-coded dots
  • Default assignments are shown for the Assignable Function Buttons
  • Effects are listed along with the shortcut letter/symbol used in Pattern Mode events
  • A list of MIDI Chord values is provided in a very small font in order to make it fit in limited space

The overlays are printed on a durable, waterproof, and chemical resistant vinyl sheet and then laminated for long life and durability. These overlays are fully adhesive-backed, so installation is as simple as ‘peel and stick’.

Pricing and Availability:

The Polyend Tracker Mini overlays are available now for $28 USD.

11 thoughts on “New Overlays For The Polyend Tracker Mini Support V2 Firmware Features

        1. I see, well you are forgiven, since Ramsey is a t w a t.

          And that is not a personal attack on Ramsey, I believe that is factual.

  1. Oversynth.
    Sometimes rly do beautiful things to interfaces. Sometimes strain the eyes and brains.
    Sometimes print the manual on the device 80’s style. 🙂

  2. I don’t know about the Tracker Mini, but I find some synths are disappointing without something like this.

    I’d love one for the Pro 800. The Pro 800 buries many useful features in the menus, like velocity->VCF, and I have to look in the manual to figure out which menu it is. There are mnemonics on the display but they are cryptic and you still have to know which menu button 0-9 they are under. So when I get out my Pro 800, I also have to find the right version of the manual and the right page within it, and keep it up on the screen, which kind-of ruins the moment… makes me wonder if maybe I should have just used a VST.

    1. Just because someone tries to sell you an overlay doesn’t mean that the synth in question actually needs it. The Polyend Tracker is pretty easy to use and is worlds apart from the horrible Roland SP404 MK2 workflow. (That Roland bit is for foom)

  3. To have a screen that size and lots of buttons yet somehow require that many shortcuts and notes…. The new SP404 broke my heart enough to know to avoid these kludgefests

  4. Why are so many people proud of the fact they are too stupid to use an sp404? Seems like something I’d keep to myself

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