PPG WaveMapper Review – ‘An Incredibly Deep Synthesizer’

Francis Preve offers his take on Wolfgang Palm’s new PPG WaveMapper for iPad in the latest issue of Keyboard magazine. Preve calls WaveMapper ‘an incredibly deep synthesizer’ and praises its user-friendly approach to patch-creation: Palm takes an elegantly simple concept – mixing and matching important aspects of multiple synth patches – and implements them in… Read More PPG WaveMapper Review – ‘An Incredibly Deep Synthesizer’

Metronomics HD Review

Can a metronome be something to get excited about? That’s the question raised by this reader review of Metronomics HD – a ‘ridiculously flexible rhythm monster’, created by John Nastos for Mac, iOS, and Android.

UVI Vintage Legends Review

Rob Puricelli has an early review of the new UVI Vintage Legends – a new set of virtual instruments that recreate some classic synths that aren’t on the ‘most commonly cloned’ list. Vintage Legends offers virtual takes on these six instruments: Yamaha CS-70M, CS-40M and CS-20M Italian Elka Synthex Rhodes Chroma Yamaha DX1 DK Synergy K250

Applied Acoustics Systems Chromaphone Review

Ronnie Rekkerd shared his thoughts today on Applied Acoustics Systems’ Chromaphone physical modeling synthesizer: With its physical modeling, Chromaphone produces wonderfully dynamic, expressive sounds. Experimenting pays off, as just the turn of a knob or two can yield completely different, unique sounds. Needless to say, Chromaphone is a fantastic synthesizer for cinematic, soundtrack type works.… Read More Applied Acoustics Systems Chromaphone Review