Arturia Wurlitzer V Piano Review

Arturia recently introduced Wurlitzer V, described as ‘a high end software recreation of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.’

Wurlitzer V’s physical modeling engine reproduces the acoustic properties of reeds, key action and amplification, in order to deliver realism, while offering maximum flexibility on sound.

Russ Hughes of Pro Tools Expert takes a look at Arturia Wurlitzer V in this video review. He calls Wurlitzer V “an excellent emulation” of the original Wurlitzer 200A.

Arturia Wurlitzer V is available now for Mac OS X & Windows.


  • Box: USD 129.00 / EURO 119.00
  • Download: USD 99.00 / EURO 99.00

If you’ve used Arturia Wurlitzer V, let us know what you think of it!

5 thoughts on “Arturia Wurlitzer V Piano Review

  1. Sorry, but didn’t like this review at all. He spent so much time with, “…ohhhhh, look at all the pretty buttons! See how they move …. up and then down!” Yeah, we assume it allows you to set up midi and your analog outs, every friggin virtual instrument in the world does that.

    For goodness sake, can we just hear how the friggin thing sounds??!! Or can you just find somebody who can play it? So liitle time actually playing it, so much time fiddling, telling us actually nothing about the product.

  2. Arturia is acting weird lately.
    I contacted support for a question about spark software (crash) and a week later I get a reaction back.
    The reaction was that I should get an update.
    DOH,that ‘s the first thing I do when I purchase something from software??
    So ,I have to answer that back .
    Now another week later still no reaction.
    Second,the minibrute release date is again moved to a month later,WTF????
    I’m thinking to cancel my preorder and wait till it’s out to make sure that it will work fine without ****
    And this review is not very convincing to be honest .
    If you use logic you already have a good electric piano.
    For me personal they have to behave different or I’m not buying Arturia stuff any longer.
    In place of bringing some electric piano out ( that is not convincing enough) they should had bring the minibrute out on the promised date.
    Now it’s May and we have to wait another Month?
    Probably longer!!!
    You are losing a costumer here.

  3. The Wurli on Logic is awful! Sounds ridiculously bad and i have yet to hear one that sounds REAL. This one however, just may have it. Arturia is a fairly small company, not like the Rolands or yamaha. Their stuff is badass and you should give em a break, they make cool stuff.

  4. How come every “reviewer” who plays a Wurly/Rhodes/Clavi emulation always resorts to the lame, generic blues scale “funky lick” type-of-playing? The instrument(s) are capable of so much more sonically, in capable hands.

    I don’t really call these reviews – he’s not actually reviewing anything – they’re more like glorified unboxing videos.

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