Free String Synth For Mac, PC – Cheeze Machine

Free Music Software: Like the sound of classic string synthesizers from the 70’s? Cheeze Machine is a free software synthesizer that’s designed to emulate the classic string ensemble sound, made popular by classic synths like the Crumar Performer or the Arp Solina. Features: This little synth generates sound by feeding a simple, saw-like waveform, into… Read More Free String Synth For Mac, PC – Cheeze Machine

Klaus Schulze Music Video – Live (1977)

This video of Klaus Schulze, from 1977, features a live performance of For Barry Graves. The video has been re-edited for better image quality and sound remastered “for better clarity and stereo imaging.” This video is interesting because it captures Schulze at his early peak, when he was helping to define the Berlin School sound.