dsp-Gplug Puts 15-Oscillator Paraphonic Synth On A MIDI Plug

Developer┬áJan Ostman has announced that the dsp-Gplug – a version of the┬ádsp-G1 analog modeling synthesizer built into a MIDI plug – is now available. Ostman calls it “the smallest VA MIDI Synth in the world.” The dsp-Gplug is designed to be both patched and controlled via MIDI. A MIDI editor is available. The synth is… Read More dsp-Gplug Puts 15-Oscillator Paraphonic Synth On A MIDI Plug

New Microrock VSTi

NUSofting has announced microrock, their latest VST software synthesiser for Windows. Inspired by the simplicity of an electric bass or guitar through a series of effects pedals, microrock is a monophonic synthesizer based around a combination of physically modelled oscillators, NUSoftings DynaTone filter, and an effects section which includes distortion, overdrive, wah, chorus, vibrato and… Read More New Microrock VSTi

Prosounds Introduces PS-1 Performance Synthesizer

Prosounds has introduced the PS-1 Performance Synthesizer, the result of a collaboration between ProSounds and DASH Signature which has been designed with the advanced sound designer and electronic musician in mind. The PS-1 is a VST instrument plugin for Windows featuring four high quality oscillators, a mixer, 2 resonant multimode filters (routable in both serial… Read More Prosounds Introduces PS-1 Performance Synthesizer

Korg Electribe ER-1

The Korg Electribe ER-1 is an analog modeling drum synthesizer that combines great sounds, fantastic flexibility and hands-on control. Like other Electribes, the ER-1 is covered with knobs and buttons, making it easy to program rhythms and fun to tweak. The ER-1 is one of Korg’s first generation series of Electribes. This include the Electribe… Read More Korg Electribe ER-1


Access is well-known for creating some of the most popular modern synthesizers. Their Virus virtual analog synthesizer was one of the first synths to give virtual analog technology a good name. The Virus synth is in its third incarnation, as the Access Virux C. The awesome Acess Virus KC puts the magic of the Virus… Read More Access