New Microrock VSTi

microrockNUSofting has announced microrock, their latest VST software synthesiser for Windows. Inspired by the simplicity of an electric bass or guitar through a series of effects pedals, microrock is a monophonic synthesizer based around a combination of physically modelled oscillators, NUSoftings DynaTone filter, and an effects section which includes distortion, overdrive, wah, chorus, vibrato and delay effects.

Capable of delivering aggressive and expressive sound for solos and riffs, microrock was created specifically for use in bass, lead and powerchord lines. However microrock does not specifically attempt to emulate the guitar, and firmly remains a synthesizer, with a character all of its own. Its architecture, internal filters and expressive modulation capabilities mean that it is capable of producing a very wide variety of original and imitative timbres, including even vocal and brass instruments sounds.


  • A monophonic synthesizer architecture suited to bass and lead sounds
  • Two physically modelled oscillators which work as a pair
  • NUSofting’s DynaTone filter control, with Tonerama color mix
  • Overdrive and Distortion effect units (with automatic ‘feedback’ generation)
  • Wah effect unit
  • Stereo Chorus unit
  • Vibrato unit
  • Delay unit, with sync, HP-LP filter and modulation.

microrock comes with 102 presets on board, and is priced at Euro 36.90. A special “sidegrade” price is available for registered users of “the Abstract Guitar” by Dash Signature, “sidegrade” price is only Euro 19.90. A demo version is available for download.

For more information, visit their web site at

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