Koe Desktop Plexiglass Analog Synthesizer (First Look)

Boutique synth maker AtomoSynth, the green plex guys, have announced an new desktop plexiglass analog synth – Koe Desktop. The Koe Desktop is based on the new AtomoSynth Eurorack modules, which we previewed yesterday. Basically, Atomo Labs is packaging up the Koneko MIDI to CV converter with their new Koe synth module. Technical details below.… Read More Koe Desktop Plexiglass Analog Synthesizer (First Look)

Mochika2 Sequencer Synth Introduced

Atomo Labs has introduced the Mochika2 Sequencer Synth – now featuring Midi synchronization.. Description: This synth features: one square and saw waveform VCO (voltage controled oscillator) with a huge pitch range, from subsonic to ultrasonic sound One square and triangle waveform LFO (low frequency oscillator), that modulates the VCO for the vibrato effect creating old… Read More Mochika2 Sequencer Synth Introduced