Koe Desktop Plexiglass Analog Synthesizer (First Look)

Boutique synth maker AtomoSynth, the green plex guys, have announced an new desktop plexiglass analog synth – Koe Desktop.

The Koe Desktop is based on the new AtomoSynth Eurorack modules, which we previewed yesterday.

Basically, Atomo Labs is packaging up the Koneko MIDI to CV converter with their new Koe synth module.

Technical details below. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

Koneko MIDI to CV Eurorack Module Features:

  • CV1 PITCH output 0 to +5 Volt range (5 octaves) it comes from a very accurate 12 bit resolution (4096 steps) digital to analog converter DAC, which translates the incoming midi note messages to voltage. It also responds to the pitch bend or pitch wheel control, according to the midi standard it has a range of +/- two half steps.
  • Glide effect, it affects the CV1 PITCH output.
  • Gate output 0 or +5 Volt. it has a red LED that indicates when there is an active gate signal.
  • CV2 output 0 to +5 Volt range, it comes from a 7 bit resolution (128 steps) digital to analog converter, it can be easily set to output the velocity or any controller CC from the midi device.
  • PROGRAM button allows you easily set the midi channel just by pushing it and then pushing a note in your midi keyboard, the midi channel will be automatically set and stored even when the unit is turn off. It also allows you to set the controller CC for the CV2 output, just push the Program button and move any controller in your midi device and it will be set automatically.
  • Midi In and Midi Thru connectors, allows you to connect many midi devices in chain.

The Koneko Eurorack module is officially ‘available soon’.

KOE Eurorack Module Features:

  • One VCO with square and ramp wavefoms with depth and tune controls, tune control is a ten turn potentiometer which allows you easily set octave, tune and fine tune with
  • just one knob.
  • Noise sourse, it can be set to affect the VCO frequency or it can be mixed with the VCO and audio input.
  • One LFO with square and triangle waveforms is can be set to affect the VCO frequency or the Filter cut off, it also features an output jack.
  • High pass and Low pass vactrol based filter with cutoff and resonance/peak control, it also features an input jack to control the cut off frequency.
  • Two Envelope generators: EG1 with decay control which is set to affect the cut off frequency of the filter and EG2 with attack and release controls, set to affect the volume, it has an output jack and input jack for the incoming gate signal.
  • Also it features an audio input, it allows process any axternal audio signal with the filter and envelopes.

See the AtomoLabs site for details.

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