AtomoSynth Krakken Keyboard Synthesizer

Saturday Synth Porn: This is is a shot of the new¬†AtomoSynth Krakken Keyboard – a translucent keyboard-controlled MIDI synthesizer. According to boutique synth manufacturer Atomo Labs, “this¬†machine gives you the great powerfull analog sound of AtomoSynth, now with a build in keyboard and also it is MIDI controlable.”

AtomoSynth Releases The Krakken MIDI Synth Module

Boutique synth maker AtomoSynth has released The Krakken – a MIDI-controled analog synthesizer module. The Krakken synth offers a MIDI-to-control-voltage converter, an analog VCO, noise generator, a VCF, an LFO and an envelope generator. You can control analog gear with The Krakken’s CV outputs, and you can also use other analog gear to control The… Read More AtomoSynth Releases The Krakken MIDI Synth Module