Cakewalk Rapture Pro Synthesizer Review

This video, via Sonic State, reviews the Cakewalk’s Rapture Pro – a software synth the company describes as ‘the most advanced synth Cakewalk has ever produced.’ Rapture Pro combines algorithmic and sample-based synthesis, delivering the best parts of Dimension Pro and Rapture in one instrument.

Cakewalk Rapture 1.2

Musikmesse 2009: Cakewalk announced a free update for the Rapture wavetable synthesizer. The Rapture 1.2 Update will be available to registered Rapture customers late April, 2009. The free Rapture 1.2 Update will include: New Envelope Generator functionality including the ability to retrigger envelopes using the Step Generator, Saving and Loading EG presets, Drag and Drop… Read More Cakewalk Rapture 1.2

Galbanum Announces Synth Expansion Line

Galbanum has introduced the Piscis Rapture Expansion for Cakewalk Rapture. Galbanum’s Synth Expansion Line products are downloadable collections of professionally designed presets and resources for industry-leading virtual synths. Galbanum’s Piscis Rapture Expansion is the first of this series and focuses on lush ambient pads, evolving atmospheres, and novel textures developed for Cakewalk’s Rapture synthesizer. Abstraction… Read More Galbanum Announces Synth Expansion Line