Cakewalk Rapture Pro Synthesizer Review

This video, via Sonic State, reviews the Cakewalk’s Rapture Pro – a software synth the company describes as ‘the most advanced synth Cakewalk has ever produced.’

Rapture Pro combines algorithmic and sample-based synthesis, delivering the best parts of Dimension Pro and Rapture in one instrument.


  • Transform, perform, produce, bend, and twist with new sounds, more FX, and more control
  • Find and prioritize sounds faster with databased browsing
  • Performance Mode gives unprecedented freedom to interact with sounds on stage or in the studio
  • Vector Mixer controls all 6 element volumes simultaneously for creative, real-time mixing
  • Edit and create sounds easily with the clean, expansive, color-coded user interface
  • 6-element architecture is ideal for MIDI guitar
  • Effortless parameter mapping with the new Mod Matrix
  • Each element of Rapture Pro has 7 Step Generators, 7 LFOs, and 7 Envelope Generators
  • 13 crushing distortion FX for massive pads and lead presets
  • 21 sweeping filters for building bass drops and surgical mixing
  • 31 soaring insert FX for each individual element
  • Freely layer synths and samples
  • 2-click MIDI Mapping for quick controller assignments
  • Mix your instrument’s elements with the Mixer Page’s faders, pan, and sends
  • Individual element tone-shaping with a more visual EQ
  • Supports Mac OS X Audio Units, Windows 7/8 VST3
  • Nearly 10GB of sounds from professional sound designers
  • Ability to load individual microtuning files per element
  • Multitimbral mode allows you to play each element individually

Rapture Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for US $149.

5 thoughts on “Cakewalk Rapture Pro Synthesizer Review

  1. I expect this synth will be quite versatile and be capable of rich, layered sounds- and pretty lovely synthesis.

    I doubt it could include enough samples to make a decent acoustic instrument library option. I don’t own it, so I can’t say for sure, but I wouldn’t let what you heard in this demo to make you think it will be either complete or of sufficient quality for orchestral work. If it does have a very complete collection built-in, that would be pretty impressive.

    I’ve never been particularly impressed with Cakewalk’s support. They’ve never responded to requests I’ve sent. Cakewalk’s support portal is simply a void into which you can send emails for no reason.

    1. I don’t use the forums. Have had random results from them. I think mostly because there are not many people on it. Their tech support (in USA) is excellent. Phone for US is 617-423-9021. 1 pm – 6 pm EST. They answer within a few minutes and are very knowledgeable. Never had a problem with their tech support. They are a model for other companies.

  2. As a long time Cakewalk user (Sonar, Z3TA+) i’ve found their support to be unparalleled. The development team is very active in the forums and the user base is remarkably engaged. I won’t attempt to marginalize stub’s experience, but I thought it worth noting my completely opposite perspective.

    1. That’s good to hear. I kicked down for both Z3ta+ for iOS and got a good deal on the Mac version later. I do like that synth, but it has a couple serious usability bugs (especially the iOS version). Then saw that there are similar issues in the mac version.

      I never tried the forums. I just used their support email system, and as I said, nothing happened, no response, no fix, cue crickets.

      Sounds like I would have gotten a better response through the forums.

      1. That sounds bad though. You shouldn’t be forced to use their forum to get a response.

        Z3TA is one of the few IOS synths I haven’t bought yet. Was thinking about buying it.

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