Eric Archer Interview GeLoFi has published an interesting interview with Eric Archer, an Austin, Texas creator of unique electronic instruments. In the interview, Archer talk extensively about what inspires him and the thoughts behind his electronic instruments: Pattern generators are amazing. You just have to build an LFSR (linear feedback shift register) and play with it to… Read More Eric Archer Interview

Free Electro Drum Samples

Eric Archer, an electronics designer and musician who builds unique electronic sound generators, has posted a collection of samples made using one of his latest projects, the Mini Space Rocker drum machines. Here’s a preview: [display_podcast] See also our earlier posts on Eric Archer and his Mini Space Rocker drum machines.

Four Tiny Drum Machines

Eric Archer demos four tiny drum machines with analog sound, IR wireless network, and photocell control. One drum is running through a DigiTech Synth Wah pedal. The other three are mixed dry. The mix is playing through a guitar amp. See the recent post on minimal drum machines for more info.

ABoT Puts Techno In A Box

Eric Archer’s ABot (Another Box o’ Techno) is an interesting collection of DIY experimental synth circuitry.  It features: Dual VCO w/ digital sub-bass sinewave 12dB/oct VCF SyncLFO LFO-Sequencer WaveFucker (1-bit pitch shifter) Analog-controlled speech synthesizer Generative CV sequencer for melody control The ABot synchronizes with Archer’s BBoT (Big Box o’ Techno). Continuing with Archer’s BBoT ethos, there is… Read More ABoT Puts Techno In A Box