Two New Sound Discs For The Optigan, Glitchdelica & Guitarscape has introduced two new sound discs for the vintage Optigan, Glitchdelica & Guitarscape. Glitchdelica is an experimental rhythmic pattern generator. Forgoing the usual drums/chords/keys convention entirely, each button and key features a different loop, drawn from’s Pea Hicks’ archive of oddball instruments, electronics, and other sound sources. 

Hexaglyphics Noise Generator Is Like Making Music In The Matrix

Nicola Pisanti has introduced Hexaglyphics – a 13-bit noise generator that looks like it should be used for making music in The Matrix. Hexaglyphics uses an interface based on an original alphabet for hexadecimal values. It can turn gestures into a wide range of noise sweeps, zaps/clicks, squarish oscillations and abstract sounds. Here’s the official video intro: 

Free Glitch Library Features The Weird Side Samples

99Sounds has released The Weird Side Samples – a free glitch sound effects library. The Weird Side Samples is a free collection of glitch samples, weird sound effects and abstract sonic textures produced by Johan Ekelove aka Introspectral. The author describes this sound collection as “a sonic exploration through hidden worlds afloat on a metaphysical plane”. For… Read More Free Glitch Library Features The Weird Side Samples