Glitch Electroacoustic DAW GleetchlabX Now Available

Sound artist Giorgio Sancristoforo has introduced GleetchlabX – the new version of his ‘glitch electroacoustic DAW’ for OS X.

This version includes full MIDI mapping, new processors and synthesizers and more.

Here’s what’s new in GleetchlabX:

  • Full Midi Mapping
  • Polyphonic MIDI TAMS
  • Polyphonic MIDI Tropical Synthesizer
  • Retuner
  • Lowpass
  • Fluffy Clouds
  • External Analog Clock
  • 8 Channel Surround

Pricing and Availability

GleetchlabX is available now for 17,00 Euros. Gleetchlab 4 owners who bought the software in 2019 are eligible for a free upgrade. A demo version is also available.

10 thoughts on “Glitch Electroacoustic DAW GleetchlabX Now Available

  1. Its a DAW for making sound art. It has six identical loopers that process audio through many spectral effects organised in a matrix. Lots of midi control over the many parameters. It is made with Max 8 so has top-quality DSP. The GUI is not large, but very red. Check out his Vimeo site — interesting guy.

  2. Look fascinating for what I like to do but the demo timed out before I could figure out how to even get the loops to start playing!

  3. I used gleetch lab for a number of things quite a bit until I was unable to open the program after a number of years. It was (and maybe still is) a Max based application. Its useful for sound art, djing, live performance, making loops, writing songs…all sorts of stuff. Its a great application. I liked it quite a bit. I’m looking forward to trying out this new version. I can highly recommend.

  4. @Henri: Yes:

    “Any sound going to MASTER LR OUT or to SURROUND MIX can be recorded in a stereo or multi channel aif or wave file.”

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