Ostracon – Photon Coercion

Photon Coercion is the second track from the debut album by Ostracon titled Unauthorized Modifications. The video is a compilation of footage from the light controllers Ostracon’s John Keston used to generate the music, using the Generative Music Sequencer (GMS). You can find out more about GMS at the AudioCookBook site.

Chromatic Textures

Chromatic Textures, by Unearthed Music, is “a study on the synesthetic nature of our senses of sound and sight.” Video input is used to produce generative musical phrases. The visual media is analyzed by the GMS (Gestural Music Sequencer) to create the musical forms in real-time. The software includes adjustable probability distribution maps for the scale and rhythm.… Read More Chromatic Textures

Generative Music Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a psychedelic hypnotronica improvisation by Ostracon, featuringJohn Keston on electronics and Graham O’Brien on drums. The duo performs generative, improvisational compositions using John Keston’s custom software, the GMS (Gestural Music Sequencer), that converts video input into musical phrases. Keston captures, layers, loops and processes melodic segments in real-time out of… Read More Generative Music Jam

Gestural Music Sequencer Generative Music Contest

John Keston has announced a Gestural Music Sequencer Generative Music Contest for users of his GMS music sequencer. GMS is a Gestural Music Sequencer developed in Processing. The application samples video and displays it either normally or inverted so it looks as though you’re looking into a mirror. Each frame is analyzed for brightness, then… Read More Gestural Music Sequencer Generative Music Contest