Discrete Energy II

http://soundcloud.com/mm_preview_audiofiles/discrete-energy-ii-sample-pack Max Million has released a new sound library, the second and final part of the Discrete Energy series: Discrete Energy II provides the backbone for Glitch | IDM | Breaks or other forms of EDM music production. Includes 443 MB of highly original and inspiring audio content. Every sample is as usable and fresh as humanly… Read More Discrete Energy II

New Music From Chris Randall

Free Music Friday: Musician and developer Chris Randal (Micronaut, Audio Damage) has released a new 5-track EP, an existing paradigm. The EP is a “collection of various experiments in electronic music done over the course of 2012.” It’s available on Bandcamp with a ‘name your price’ model. See Randall’s site for more info on the release.