How To Make Glitch Drums & Breaks

The latest tutorial video, via ohdratdigital, takes a look at how to make glitch drums and breaks:

This week’s video is all about how to create glitch drums and breaks, from subtle reworking all the way to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher style craziness!

For the download links to the plugins used in the tutorial, see the OD site.

2 thoughts on “How To Make Glitch Drums & Breaks

    1. Oh we’re totally excited about Buffre for Reason – Rack Extensions in general has my mind racing with possibilities!

      There are plenty of fantastic commercial glitch plugins (Turnado is perhaps my favourite) and some Windows only free ones but we do our best, for simplicity’s sake, to find cross platform examples whenever possible – and free if we can!

      Maybe in the future we’ll do a showdown of different glitch software solutions and stuff, there’s so much out there that does subtly different things!

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