FBI Arrests Music Blogger

Unbefriggingbelievable. Violent crime is on the rise in the US. We can’t find Osama Bin Laden in seven years. Millions of illegal aliens are hiding in the country, gainfully employed.  And we’re arresting music bloggers.  A Los Angeles blogger has been arrested for allegedly sharing music online. Twenty-seven-year-old Kevin Cogill was arrested by FBI agents at… Read More FBI Arrests Music Blogger

Devo Sues McDonalds Over “New Wave Nigel” Happy Meal Toy

Post-punk pioneers Devo are suing McDonald’s over a Happy Meal doll that sports the band’s signature red flower pot hat. In April, McDonald’s introduced a series of American Idol Happy Meal toys based on a range of music styles, including Disco Dave, Country Clay, Rockin’ Riley and Soulful Selma. Devo’s complaint is that the toy… Read More Devo Sues McDonalds Over “New Wave Nigel” Happy Meal Toy

Banned Music

Banned Music is a web project that promotes music activism, especially the non-commercial distribution of works that major record labels have driven underground. The site is one of several that are raising important questions about the role that the law plays in determining what we can experience. The site is a project of Downhill Battle,… Read More Banned Music