M-Tron First Look

SonicState takes a look at GForce M-Tron Pro, which is expected to be released soon. Price $199 / €139 Euros/ £109 UKP. Features: 200+ total tape banks (sample sets), including: 45 brand-new tape banks not found in the original M-Tron 19 tape banks from the original M-Tron virtual instrument, remastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios… Read More M-Tron First Look

GForce M-Tron Gets Universal Binary Update

GForce has announced that M-Tron, the first of the company’s Universal Binary instruments, the M-Tron, is ready for download. This virtual keyboard is modelled on the famous tape-based instrument used on classic tracks like the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever and used by such keyboard luminaries as Rick Wakeman and Tony Banks. More recently bands such… Read More GForce M-Tron Gets Universal Binary Update

GMedia Intros GForce Future Retro Pack

GMEDIA has announced the the GForce Future Retro Pack collection of GForce virtual instruments. GMedia is calling this a “limited-edition collection” that is only available for a short time. The GForce Future Retro Pack combines all of GMEDIA’s emulations of vintage keyboards in one affordable package. These software instruments – Minimonsta:Melohman, The Oddity, impOSCar and… Read More GMedia Intros GForce Future Retro Pack