Brain-Controlled Russian Music Robot – The Turbo-Gusli

Reader Dmitry Morozov, aka vtol, has created a new robotic instrument, the Turbo Gusli. The Gusli is a sort of Russian zither. Morozov has updated the instrument with robotics, electronics and Arduino control. He’s even tried out brain-control, using an EEG headset. Here’s a demo of the Turbo-Gusli in action:

Meet Spruce Deuce, The Plywood Robot Drummer

Steve Averill’s plywood robot drummer, Spruce Deuce, is made from birch plywood and HiTec Servo’s and is controlled by a Highly Liquid MD24 MIDI to servo controller. The MD24 converts MIDI signals to signals that control 11 RC servos. You can check out more MD24 MIDI robot projects at the Highly Liquid forums.