Brain-Controlled Russian Music Robot – The Turbo-Gusli


Reader Dmitry Morozov, aka vtol, has created a new robotic instrument, the Turbo Gusli.

The Gusli is a sort of Russian zither. Morozov has updated the instrument with robotics, electronics and Arduino control. He’s even tried out brain-control, using an EEG headset.

Here’s a demo of the Turbo-Gusli in action:

Morozov calls his music robots ‘Russian folk bots’, or a ‘portable electro-acoustic orchestra.

The video below demonstrates the Turbo-Gusli under brain control:

Technical details:

  • The Turbo-Gusli is controlled by emotiv EPOC neuro EEG headset via OSC –> Pure Data –> arduino –> servo motors and solenoids.
    • servo motors x6
    • dc motor x1
    • stepper motor x1
    • solenoids x3
    • spings x8
    • strings x38
    • arduino uno x2
    • controlling software – pure data

See Morozov’s site for more examples of his work.

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