Noxious Additive Wave Synthesizer Updated

Zvork has released a new version of Noxious Additive Wave Synthesizer for the Propellerhead Software Rack Extension platform. Description: Noxious is a polyphonic additive synthesizer. Additive synthesis consists of adding tens, hundreds or thousands of individual sinusoidal oscillators to create complex waveforms or sounds. In theory, additive synthesis is able to recreate any sound imaginable but is… Read More Noxious Additive Wave Synthesizer Updated

Propellerhead Releases Parsec ‘Spectral’ Synthesizer

Propellerhead today announced its new Parsec spectral synth, calling it “the futuristic sound of additive synthesis for the Reason rack.” Propellerhead describes its Parsec user interface and synthesis engine as having been designed to suit both the novice and the “PhD of sound synthesis” alike. Parsec has two sound engines, and each generator boasts up… Read More Propellerhead Releases Parsec ‘Spectral’ Synthesizer

One Ring To Rule Them All: Hot Hand Wirelessly Controls MIDI

Source Audio have released the Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI Controller, a wireless (duh) motion-sensing ring and USB stick receiver. The Hot Hand USB is gives the musician a new method of dynamic control of DAWs or in live-performance software like Ableton Live, Traktor, Reason, Serato DJ, and Logic/MainStage. It bypasses the knobs and faders… Read More One Ring To Rule Them All: Hot Hand Wirelessly Controls MIDI