Daft Punk In 1977

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1llNSdf9cl4 Earlier in the day, we brought you the Jonzun Crew – what Daft Punk would have looked like in 1983. Little did we know that Torley would dig up a proto-Daft Punk from 6 years earlier! This is Space, performing Magic Fly in 1977. More Space madness below!

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Beautiful Electroacoustic Music Installation

Three Pieces is a composition for plants, yangqin, bamboo robot and robotic chimes. The electroacoustic music installation is designed as a collaboration between robots, traditional instruments, and living things, housed in Victorian Palm House of the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. A traditional Chinese dulcimer is played by a robot with many bamboo fingers while the surrounding… Read More Beautiful Electroacoustic Music Installation


Roboclarinet is a robotic clarinet player, designed by a team from UNSW and NICTA, that has won first prize at an international orchestra competition. The robot, which performed The Flight of the Bumblebee and Bolero in the final, beat a Dutch developed guitar-picking robot and a Finnish piano-playing machine. Staged in Athens, the goal of… Read More Roboclarinet