Daft Punk Unmasked

http://vimeo.com/4282632 Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter surprised the crowd at Los Angeles’s Cinespace yesterday by jumping on the decks, unmasked – and “everybody jizzed in their pants“. In my book, though, Daft Punk unmasked is right up there Kiss unmasked and Darth Vader unmasked. Put the mask back on, already! Do we really want to know… Read More Daft Punk Unmasked

John Digweed

British-born John Digweed has established himself a superstar DJ and one of the most reliable producers of dance music. Digweed has established his credentials as a DJ over the last ten years, with residencies as some of the UK’s top clubs. He has DJ’d extensively around the world, and is consistently voted as one of… Read More John Digweed

DJ Sasha

DJ Sasha, aka Alexander Coe, has been one of the top DJs since the 90s, mixing trance and house tracks, working with Digweed and releasing best-selling artist CDs. Sasha started out as a club DJ in the eighties. He first gained national attention, though, spinning grooves at club Renaissance. There he helped establish the UK… Read More DJ Sasha