Make Noise Releases Erbe-Verb Euro Reverb Module

Modular synthesizer-maker Make Noise has released tjhe Erbe-Verb – a unique new Euro reverb module. Here’s what they have to say about it: “The Erbe-Verb is more than a collection of reverb algorithms or presets, it is a unique, modeless, continuously variable reverb algorithm with complete voltage control. “Typical reverb types such as plate, room, hall, shimmer… Read More Make Noise Releases Erbe-Verb Euro Reverb Module

Hot Mopho Action

A demonstration of the Mopho analog synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments. Lexicon MX200 used for delay and reverb effects. Mopho is a compact but powerful—monophonic analog synthesizer. The voice architecture is identical to a single voice of the Prophet ’08, but with a couple of unique twists to distinguish it from its award-winning sibling. DSI… Read More Hot Mopho Action