Oberheim Matrix-1000 Analog Synthesizer


The Oberheim Matrix 1000 is a synth module that puts 1,000 Matrix 6 patches into a single rackmount space.

The Matrix 1000 has the same synth voice architecture as the Matrix 6. Each of its 6 voices has two digitally controlled analog oscillators, a low pass filter, 2 VCA’s, 3 envelope gens, 2 LFO’s, and 2 ramp gens.

While the sounds are great, you’ll need a Matrix 6/6R or a patch editor to create/edit the synth patches.

According to Sound On Sound:

Even though you need an external editor or a Matrix 6 to edit any of the Matrix 1000’s sounds yourself, the fact that there are 800 different presets instantly available goes a long way towards mitigating this limitation. The sounds are, on the whole, pretty great though, as mentioned earlier, their organisation leaves something to be desired.

Operation is simplicity itself, and considering that this model was developed before any form of MIDI standardisation or bank changing was agreed upon, the system employed works perfectly well.


  • 6 voice polyphony
  • 2 DCO’s per voice
  • Extensive modulation capabilities
  • Single / Split / Multitimbral
  • 800 preset patches
  • 200 user patches


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