Gestural Mixing With The KMI K-Mix, Leap Motion & Web MIDI

Keith McMillen Instruments shared this short demo of gestural mixing, using their K-Mix programmable mixer, a Leap Motion controller and Web MIDI. Whether or not you’re interested in gestural mixing, the video demonstrates how the K-MIx’s extensive MIDI support lets it be controlled just about any way that you want. 

Novation’s Virtual ‘Launchpad Intro’ Uses Chrome + QWERTY

Novation has created an online player version of their Launchpad controller, Launchpad Intro, that can be used with a QWERTY keyboard or a plugged-in Launchpad controller. Taking advantage of the browser’s built-in web MIDI capabilities, Launchpad Intro enables users to remix songs within the Google Chrome browser using QWERTY keyboard, or using a plugged-in Launchpad.… Read More Novation’s Virtual ‘Launchpad Intro’ Uses Chrome + QWERTY