Novation’s Virtual ‘Launchpad Intro’ Uses Chrome + QWERTY

Novation_Launchpad_IntroNovation has created an online player version of their Launchpad controller, Launchpad Intro, that can be used with a QWERTY keyboard or a plugged-in Launchpad controller.

Taking advantage of the browser’s built-in web MIDI capabilities, Launchpad Intro enables users to remix songs within the Google Chrome browser using QWERTY keyboard, or using a plugged-in Launchpad.

Novation enlisted their “resident virtuoso” Harry Coade to create and perform an impromptu song, using the Launchpad Pro along with real-time synth, vinyl and object sampling.

Coade, the in-house engineer, producer and manager at The Blue Studios and co-founder of Sound Matters, (which uses found sound to raise awareness of environmental issues) discusses his creative process and how he incorporates Launchpad Pro into his work in this interview on the Novation site.

Users can take the components of Coade’s performance to try out the Launchpad Intro online player (using the Google Chrome browser) on the Novation website. Live users can also download Coade’s Ableton session for their own remixing and use.

For more information, go to the Novation website.

One thought on “Novation’s Virtual ‘Launchpad Intro’ Uses Chrome + QWERTY

  1. If I can load my own samples in the Launchpad Intro Chrome site?
    Then it could solve a huge problem for me using Live for live performances.
    Provided, of course, I can route the audio from the browser back into Live, proper.

    I’ll have to give this a real whirl and see if it’s plausible.

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