Vangelis – Opera Sauvage

Opera Sauvage is a warm, mysterious blend of popular electronic music that sounds as good today as it did when it was released over twenty years ago.

Vangelis is known for taking simple materials and orchestrating them beautifully. Opera Sauvage is a good example of his abilities in this area. It is full of beautiful melodies, orchestrated with lovely sounds. The album uses a consistent palette throughout, emphasizing Rhodes electric piano and Vangelis trademark CS-80 sounds.

Most listeners will recognize the cut Le-enfant, which was used in the file The Year of Living Dangerously. Another familiar cut is Hymne, which has been picked up for commercial backing.

A standout cut is Chromatique, which features mellow Fender Rhodes electric piano.

Opera Sauvage maintains a reflective, quiet tone throughout. There are some jazz influences, but primarily this is a gentle slice of Vangelis’ melodic electronica.

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