The Ultimate Blade Runner – Limited Edition Collector’s Set Released

blade runner limited edition collector setRidley Scott’s Blade Runner was misunderstood when it was released, but is now viewed as one of the most influential classics of science fiction.

Electronic music fans know it as one of the greatest combinations of electronic music and visuals in movie history. Vangelis’ exceptional score helped create one of the most vivid pictures of the future ever imagined.

The movie creates a dark, but fascinating future for Los Angeles. It’s always dark and rainy. Blimps fly over the city, encouraging people to leave earth for the “offworld colonies”. Neon, punk rockers, noir photography…it all comes together to make an beautifully dystopic tomorrow.

Finally, this movie has received the treatment that it deserves! A new box set is the ultimate version for hardcore fans:

  • Production notes
  • Director’s Cut
  • 8 Original Limited Edition Lobby Cards
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Senitype image from movie with 35mm Film Frame
  • Original One Sheet Movie Poster (27×40)
  • Full-screen and widescreen letterbox formats

If you’re not familiar with the director’s cut, it’s basically the cut shown in theaters, without the lackluster voice-overs that were added. There are also a few minor added scenes that server to clarify the movies theme of questioning what it is that makes us human. This version makes clear why the movie deserves its reputation.

Altogether, it’s a very classy package.

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