JBL Professional Introduces LSR6325P Studio Monitors

JBL Studio MonitorsJBL Professional has introduced the LSR6325P Studio Monitor. The compact model incorporates features to minimize the detrimental effect on response caused by the acoustic properties of the room.

The bi-amplified LSR6325P is based on a 5.25″ high-excursion low frequency transducer powered by a 100 watt RMS amplifier and a 1″ damped titanium-composite high frequency transducer powered by a 50 Watt RMS amplifier. Housed in a cast aluminum enclosure with the dark graphite finish of the LSR6300 line, the LSR6325P produces very flat frequency response +1.5 dB/-2 dB 20 kHz — 70 Hz with bass extension –10 dB @ 48 Hz and peak SPL of 109 dB at 1 meter.

The new LSR6325P includes technologies to overcome problems in the room and optimize response at the mix position. Due to irregular off-axis response, a speaker which measures “flat” on-axis in an anechoic chamber, may not produce flat response at the mix position. JBL’s Linear Spatial Reference technology ensures that the mid and high-frequency content that reaches the mix position is also smooth and accurate, according to the company. This is accomplished by engineering into the system a +/- 30 degrees horizontal, and +/- 15 degrees vertical, radiated response.

To correct frequency response and overcome spectral shift when the system is mounted on a wall, in a corner or on a work surface, a boundary compensation setting is included in LSR6325P.

To meet the requirements of a broad range of recording and broadcast applications, the LSR6325P includes balanced +4 dBu XLR and unbalanced –10 dBV RCA inputs, user settings, and a convenient front panel volume control and power switch. To optimize positioning in stereo and multi-channel production rooms, the LSR6325P includes mounting points for use with readily available mounting brackets. The system is magnetically shielded for use near CRT monitors, and is THX pm3 approved for use in demanding production applications. The LSR6325P is available individually or in a 5.1 configuration with the LSR6312SP subwoofer and RMC Calibration kit.

MSRP: $399.00 each.

For more information, visit the JBL site.

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