Cycling, Octiv Introduce Octirama Surround Processor

Cycling ’74 and Octiv Inc. introduced Octirama, a Surround Dynamics Processor for Digidesign ProTools Systems at the NAMM Winter Expo.

Octirama is the first full-featured, multi-band dynamics processor for 5.1 Surround Mastering for the Digidesign TDM environment. Octirama incorporates sophisticated four- and five-band processing for each of five channels plus sophisticated bass management for precise control of peaks and loudness.


Octirama was designed to provide DSP efficiencies allowing a full-featured processor to run on a single 56000 chip. Functions for each of the 5 Surround channels include an input AGC, four- or five-band dynamics processor, five in-band peak limiters, band mixing, and a final peak limiter. Over 40 simultaneous meters provide detailed information on gain reduction, downward expansion, and output levels. Unlike other multi-channel dynamics processors, Octirama’s processing algorithm preserves the surround image.

Pricing and Availability: Octirama will be available from Cycling ’74 distributors worldwide and directly online from Cycling ’74 in first quarter 2005 for MSRP US$995.

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