Modern Beats Serves Up the Crunk Brass

ModernBeats has announced a new hip hop brass library for software samplers, entitled “Brass Elementz 1” covering today’s Urban, Hip Hop, and Crunk musical genres. We still are not sure what Crunk is, but whatever it is, they have it on tap.

Brass Elementz 1 contains 400 brass stabs, chords, and riffs across 26 multi-format sampler presets representing the latest trends in Hip Hop production.

The set is organized into 2 main sub-categories titled “Brass Chordz-n-Riffz” and “Brass Instruments”.

The Brass Chordz-n-Riffz presets are arranged for ease of use and grouped according to pitch, key, and duration. Certain longer chord riffs include corresponding shorter samples on adjacent keys giving users more control over creativity. Additionally, as users play higher up each preset layout, chords naturally migrate into higher key groupings.

The Brass Instrument presets contain matching instrument layouts and are categorized according to their timbre: Normal (Smooth), Classic (Moderate Overdrive), and Xtreme (Hard Overdrive) versions. The arrangement offers users a large array of textures to choose from while also allowing for seamless swapping between instruments within a sequence.

With its in-depth preset programming and layout, Brass Elementz 1 offers many creative possibilities to achieve the specific hip hop style desired.

The soundset is sold as a multi-format product for all major software samplers. Native formats include HALion, EXS24, Kontakt, Battery, Reason’s NN-XT, SF2, and Wav.

“Brass Elementz 1 – Stabz, Chordz, & Riffz” is available as a download for $29.95, or can be ordered on CD-ROM.

More information and demos are available at the site.

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