Livid Intros Tactic m2

Tactic m2Livid has released the Tactic model “m2”, a hybrid hardware-software design. Tactic Pro 1.5 runs on almost any Macintosh computer.

“With the Tacitc m2 we’ve introduced a more powerful set of tools while keeping our hand-crafted instrument design,” states Jay Smith, President of Livid Instruments. “Our set of software tools, effects, and hardware integration further extends Livid’s ease-of-use reputation.”

The Tactic m2 hardware, which is an extension of the software’s interface, features ten sliders, six knobs, seven effects triggers, and a thirty-six movieclip bank for real-time video mixing at your fingertips. The new Tactic Pro 1.5 software allows up to four layers of effects per channel with new effects, modules, and tools.

Tactic Pro also includes Livid Elements, a new form of plug-ins released earlier this month with their popular Union VJ software. Elements allows third party developers to further extend the functionality of Tactic Pro and can be used to make custom effects, interface controls, and media sources to integrate into the software. The Tactic m2 hardware and software package has an MSRP of $899 USD and can be purchased directly from the Livid Instruments website.

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