Effectrode Creates Tube-Vibe Pedal

tube-vibeEffectrode, a company that specializes in tube effects, has created a new vacuum-tube based pedal, the Tube-Vibe, inspired by the Uni-Vibe.

The Tube-Vibe features a pure tube analog signal path which delivers a lush and organic sound. The design architecture also ensures wide dynamic range according to the company.


  • The Tube-Vibetm uses top quality MIL-SPEC NOS tubes in the phase shifter section. The signal path in the original Uni-Vibe is solid-state and is based on cheap silicon transistors at 3 cents a piece.
  • A new magic ratio for the phase shift stagger tuned capacitors was empirically derived for the Tube-Vibe. It’s response is fine-tuned and voiced for electric guitar. The capacitors in the Uni-Vibe phase shifter circuit were intended to simulate a Hi-Lo Leslie rotating speaker system, usually meant to be applied to church organs.
  • High, one megaohm input impedance ensures a wide open and clear tone. The input resistance of the Uni-Vibe is only 69Kohm. This is low enough to load the output of a guitar and dull the sound or cause significant treble loss to single coil pickups.
  • Unique blend control allows mixing of dry & vibrato signals to produce beautiful phase-chorused tones. No other vibe pedal hits the ‘sweet spot’ like this one.
  • LED pulsates with modulation speed for visual song tempo matching.
  • Internal trim pot. allows the darkness of the vibe to be adjusted as desired.
  • Internal DIP switch allows selection between two entirely different LFO wave shapes. One voicing is similar to the original Uni-Vibe with rising peaks. The other is a smoothed triangle wave, which produces a more uniform sweep.
  • Another internal DIP configures the Tube-Vibe for either vibe mode or vibe-wah mode. More subtle than wah-wah and very cool sounding.
  • The only vibe with a configurable LFO. The Tube-Vibe adds a new dimension to the meaning of ‘custom’ – it can be configured to generate any waveshape to give a unique signature throb, thickness & tone.
  • This effects pedal was designed and audio tested using both humbucking & single coil pickups. The all-tube signal path is capable of accepting input from high output active pickups such as EMG85’s and “LiveWires”. If you do succeed in overdriving this pedal then you’ll be experiencing super smooth, class-A, tube overdrive!
  • Tough prismatic purple powder coat finish.
  • Supplied with wall-wart power adaptor.

More information is available at the Effectrode site.

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