Kate Ryan – Stronger

Stronger is a polished set of dance/trance tunes from the divalicious Kate Ryan. If this set doesn’t breathe some life into the vocal trance genre, the category may need defibrillation!

Stronger has everything going for it. The tracks are well-crafted trance/dance tracks with more hooks than a bait shop.  Ryan’s got a strong voice and model good looks.  The CD’s packed with music, at 1:09:58.

If there’s anything that holds the CD back, it that the styles Ryan explores and the sounds used will all be familiar to fans of the trance/dance genres. There’s nothing too surprising on the album. Nevertheless, Ryan has created a great collection of fun dance tracks.

The CD kicks off the gospel-tinged trance anthem Another Day. It really heats up, though, with track five Hands Up. Sure, it’s about putting your hands up “because love reigns divine”, but it’s done with enough conviction that you don’t care what it’s about. Another highlight, Scream & Shout, is an iconic trance anthem. Don’t be surprised if this starts showing up in mix compilations. 

Two French tracks are included on the album, Je Lance un Appel & Libertine. They are a welcome addition, especially Libertine, a strong, long trance tune.

For fans of European vocal trance, it would be hard to beat Kate Ryan’s Stronger.


  • Another Day
  • Only If I
  • Je Lance un Appel
  • Promise You Made
  • Hands Up
  • I Like the Way
  • Scream & Shout
  • Can You Fix This?
  • Start Me Up
  • Hurry Up
  • Rain
  • We Belong Together
  • Hard to Reveal
  • Goodbye
  • Promise You Made [Extended]
  • So in Love
  • Libertine [French Lyrics]

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