Video Podcast Series for the Kurzweil 2661 Announced

No Island Media and A N D Music have announced plans to create a video podcast of instructional and applied theory classes based around the Kurzweil 2661.

The programme, titled simply Kurzweil 2661, begins production in April 06 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and marks the first time a music manufacturer has sought to fully exploit the benefits of
the video podcasting phenomenon.

The goals of the programming are threefold:

  • to inform and inspire the potential new Kurzweil customer;
  • to assist the product specialists duties in training retailers throughout North America, and;
  • assist power users by providing insider information not readily available elsewhere.

The program will be available in May 06, and will be formatted for delivery to multiple digital platforms, including streaming internet, rss/atom feeds, quicktime, windows, bit torrent, phone, psp, tivo.

Kurzweil 2661 will also be available at the Google Video Store. An introductory edit of Kurzweil 2661 will be made available at Sweetwater Sound, free-of-charge.

“With of Kurzweil 2661 programming, we are seeing the worlds of marketing, education, customer support, sales and training collide,” says No Island’s Executive Director Trevor Andrews.

“We hope to provide this digital media service to all music manufacturers,” says Dina Walker, Executive Producer at No Island. “There is a vast library waiting to be built and a vast B2B/B2C market that is laying fallow. People want this information. Retailers need the training and manufacturers need the extra knowledge and community building resource to propel sales and retain customer loyalty.”

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