New Search Site Specializes in Music

Music SageMusic Sage is a new topic-based search engine that focuses on music.

Here’s the description from the site:

Music Sage provides useful and meaningful results, which are relevant to the topic of music in general or specific genres and artists. This advanced search technology categorizes pages from the World Wide Web and saves them to our ever-growing database. Every result you see is a clean summary which you can read from beginning to end. Not only is this an effective filter against spam and clutter, it’s also a time saver, because it gives users a clear picture of what each destination site is about. Or sometimes you do not even have to leave the search page to get the information you are after.

We tested the site out with a search for Tiesto:

Music Sage Tiesto

Compared to a Google search, the results were easier to read and presented more attractively. However, the Google results were more comprehensive and seemed more relevant, bringing up Tiesto’s site as the top result:

Music Sage vs Google Tiesto

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