NAMM Preview: Sennheiser Street Line

Sennheiser phonesSennheiser has introduced an all-new Street Line of headphones.

The Street Line models share the exclusive Sennheiser Basswind System for deep-bass power and extension, and employ ultra-lightweight Sennheiser transducers for detailed, high-impact sound. Several models allow users to customize their sets by appearance with new interchangeable accessories. All share cool new looks featuring smoothly contoured forms.

The Street Line’s headlining MX 55V Street features Sennheiser’s unique new “Twist-to-Fit” design for the most stable and comfortable ear canal ‘phone design yet. While the main “earbud” nestles into the ear canal, a secondary stabilizing pad similarly, surrounded with soft-rubber padding, rests against the outer ear. The wearer simply gently twists each earpiece to find the most comfortable and secure position. The MX 55V Streets are equipped with the Sennheiser Basswind System plus for extra powerful bass, and feature a convenient in-line volume control. The ‘phones arrive complete with ear-adapter set, replaceable trim in a range of finishes and a storage pouch.

The MX 51 Street is a classic “earbud” design, but one boasting Sennheiser transducers for musical, high-impact sound. A supplied set of different-sized soft-rubber earpads ensures a comfy fit for any wearer, and a stylish carry case is supplied. The MXL 51 Street builds on the same design, but integrates the earbuds into a lanyard layout for security and comfort. The lanyard helps the ‘phones stay in place, and incorporates a short loop for a lightweight MP3 player or other device. Accessories include soft-fit earpads and a carry case.

For listeners who prefer an “ear-loop” design, Sennheiser created the OMX 50 Street. Soft, individually adjustable behind-the-ear loops hold its drivers securely in position, while its in-line volume control delivers always-ready adjustment. Ear-adapters in a choice of sizes are included for fine-tuned fitment.

Rounding out the new Street Line is the OMX 52 Street – the range’s only over-the-ear phones. These featherweight, supraural headphones are the last word in comfort, yet feature the superb reproduction and extended response of Sennheiser’s Basswind plus design. Exchangeable design covers are included to customize appearance, as is a carry case.

The Sennheiser Street Line headphones are currently available at the following suggested retail prices:

  • MX 55V Street: $39.95
  • MX 51 Street: $29.95
  • MXL 51 Street: $34.95
  • OMX 50 Street: $34.95
  • OMX 52 Street: $39.95

More info is available at the Sennheiser site.

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