Virtuasonic Releases Synesthesia IR Library In AIFF Format

SynesthesiaVirtuasonic has released Synesthesia, a library of impulse responses, in the Mac-friendly AIFF format. This collection was previously available only in WAV format and contains over 1,000 experimental impulse responses designed to turn any convolution engine into a powerful multi-FX processor.

Synesthesia is particularly suitable for sound design and electronic music, but it can become a secret weapon for every musician and sound designer looking for new ways to improve his creativity flow. Every music work, from film scoring to rhythmic electronic and ambient music, could gain benefit from the use of this unusual set of impulse responses that can transform sound in many ways:

  • Reshape spectral balance
  • Add new nuances
  • Melt sounds into new sonic textures
  • Create alter-egos of traditional acoustic and electro-acoustic musical instruments
  • Reverse and pitch-bend audio in interesting ways
  • Generate unusual delays and supernatural acoustics

Synesthesia is priced US $34.95 and is available as CD-ROM and as a downloadable product, in WAV or AIFF format.

More information is available at the Virtuasonic site.

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