Electro-Acoustic Research Intros SpaceBox Translucent Synth Cases

spacebox synth case

The EAR Group (Electro-Acoustic Research) has announced a new partner – Synthbox, manufacturer of the Space Case acrylic synthesizer chassis.

“Sean Price and Synthbox have developed a unique solution which scores big on ergonomics, versatility and eye-candy,” according to EAR’s Peter Grenader.

Made from rugged 3/4 inch clear acrylic sheeting, the Space Case is fully powered and fills the need for a functional cross-platform Eurorack housing system for modular analog synthesizers.


  • 336HP of Eurorack mounting surface over two rows
  • Made of durable 3/4 inch plexiglass
  • Condor 1.7 amp linear PSU and power harness included.
  • Power kept in its own external box
  • Modules mount into two aluminum rails with movable nuts

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