Kagi Media Releases Hustle Harder XXL DVD with Disco D

Hustle Harder XXLKagi Media, producer of pro audio training products, has released Hustle Harder XXL, a music production course on DVD plus “in the trenches” music business documentary taught by multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Producer/DJ David Shayman (aka Disco D).

Created by Shayman and Kagi Media, Hustle Harder XXL captures Shayman producing music for diverse genres and markets, negotiating deals, selling beats to major artists, developing various product brands and flying around the world as a headlining D.J.

“This insiders view of the hip hop/techno music business is amazing,” said Charles Dye, Grammy-winning engineer, mixer, producer. “David’s studio chops are so on game. You see every step as he builds amazingly killer beats, skillfully pounding his MPC into submission, and then constructing monster arrangements in his DAW.”

Production Course is where Shayman teaches beat making and music production, including, start to finish, production coverage of sample acquisition and chopping, tracking beats, song construction, arranging, plug-ins and hardware DSP applications, tracking vocals, scratch recording, mixing and DAW mastering. The production coverage makes up the majority of runtime minutes and the user comes away with a firm understanding of how to produce modern music that “cuts well” in the boardroom, broadcast, club or car.

“Disco D’s energy is infectious, the content on the DVD, including the Pro Tools Sessions, MPC techniques and Samples is killer. This high-energy DVD will definitely inspire you to hustle harder in your own career and give you new motivation,” said David Franz (Instructor for Berklee College of Music and Bestselling pro audio author).

Music Business Exposé, where Shayman shows the user the art of getting publicity, making contacts, publishing, cross selling, placing beats and a host of other music biz insights.

Lesson Files, which the user can launch, run and use on their system to follow along with the video lessons and practice the techniques Shayman teaches in the video. The DVD ROM Audio Assets are created by Shayman including Choice Samples (Hits, Synths, Drums, Guitar and Bass) he rendered from his own finished songs + AKAI MPC Sequence, Program and Song DATA and finished Pro Tools Sessions.

Achievement Driven Messages spoken by Shayman engage the viewer in forms of analytic reasoning that challenge the user to think and act in different ways.

Featuring 3.5 hours of video instruction, Pro Tools Sessions, AKAI MPC Data Files, Disco D Samples and Mega-Doses of uplifting attitude, Hustle Harder XXL is undeniably a breakthrough course from Kagi Media and Disco D Productions.

One thought on “Kagi Media Releases Hustle Harder XXL DVD with Disco D

  1. Not to take away from the quality of the DVD, but it should be mentioned that David committed suicide in January. For some reason the text of this post (which looks to be a press release from KAGI) refers to Dave in the present tense.

    Dave certainly had plenty to say about the music business. Those of us who were lucky enough to know him miss him a lot.

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